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.nifw after the mayor a lot of surfers went out to try to test the waves. >> new york city taking steps to $sb" with these long gas line that's have plagued drivers since super storm sandy. >> instituting an o. dd-even gas rationing system. this triggered waits up to three hours and caused some tempers to flare. >> there is progress in efforts tomÑ restore power in the northeast. officials say almost all of connecticut homes and businesses now have power and fewer than 20,000 new york city customers remain in the dark. eight and a half million people lost power at the heist of the storm. >> the president will travel to new york thursday to view efforts from super storm sandy, meeting with families and traveling to the jersey coast last week. wide spread damage will likely make it the largest u.s. relief efforts since hurricane katrina. >> san jose police at the scene of a suspected homicide. authorities received a hang up call around 5:30 from a home on evangeline drive. officers found a woman's body inside of the home. >> police in a small eastern indiana town are investigating the death of
and a pony end up on the streets of new york city. >> is it illegal to advertise a job that pays less than minimum wage? the answer >>> checking healthy living news a study out today says that sofa in the living room likely holds toxic chemicals. uc researchers found 85% contained potentially toxic flame retardants that have been tied to serious health problems but america council says it saves lives by preventing fires from spreading. the study appears in environmental science and tech following journal. >> a drug commonly prescribed to control heart rhythm could prove fatal. a study suggests it increases the risk of death fr patients, it occurs when upper chambers contract chaoticly. a study says people who took it for six months had a 61% of dying. >> it seems a study find both on their own reduce chances of people with high cholesterol from die bug together had a rater affect. researchers say exercise can be moderate such as a brisk walk, just 30 minutes per day. >> first lady hosted military families and children to help decorate the white house for christmas part of the joining force
. >> the coast guard is helping to bring fuel into the city. new york city marathon is still a go despite criticism runners will be traveling in areas devastated by sandy. >> is there concern over looting now? >> definitely. we've been hearing small cases of looting here in new york city. the police chief told us today that they arrested more than a dozen people accused of robbing a grocery store, looting in a grocery store. in new jersey officers won't let some news crews along the board walk. they're concerned about looting there. they're kicking people out trying to drive by to take a look. because they think people may be coming back tonight with power still out. it's still out here in lower manhattan and that is still a concern tonight. >> thank you. >> parent company of abc 7, walt disney company is doing it's share to help. the chairman and ceo, bob iger made the announcement this afternoon. >> walt disney company is donating $2 million to relief efforts to hurricane sandy. our hearts go out to those whose lives have been turned upside down by the storm. >> you can help people affe
an about face, canceling the new york city marathon. the preparations were well underway. pressure from residents of badly battered staten island finally convinced the mayor to change his mind. >> those of us who love this story and this race recognize it wasn't a marathon if it wasn't a unifying event. it wasn't a marathon we knew and loved if there are people who were pained by the running of it.!0z >> grim statistics continue to grow. the death toll now reached 97 people in 10 states. no are now predicting damage will reach $50 billion. in better news, new york skyline is expected to be lit up tonight. new jersey governor chris christie has given the a go head for atlantic city casinos to reopen. >> disney and abc making monday a day of giving. disney kicking off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help by texting to give $10 to efforts. you can donate by falling 1-800-help now. >> your voice, your vote. the presidential candidates putting tier own sin on the latest jobs report. picked up a tenth of a percent to 7.9% in october. that is about 50,000 more tha
the weekend. >> carolyn: thanks. >> larry: a new york city police officer's act of kindness has sparked a sensation. they took the cellphone picture giving new boots to a homeless man. she saw the officer giving the man boots and socks. she posted the image on the police department's facebook page tuesday night and since then it's an instant hit. she wanted everybody to see what he witnessed. >> he had boots in his hand. i heard him, i have size 12 all leather boots for you. let's take care of you. the gentleman sat down against the wall. his face lit up. he smiled. >> he said he keeps the receipt into his vest that no matter how bad his day seems, there are other people that have it much, much worse. >> elevator prank russian style. >> hear with a loot look on youtube today. a run down without some gangnam stuff. remix from matt. he finally makes it to russian federation. >> he has truly gone global. hitting the top spoch as much watched video of all time. back in october, rich ferguson went viral to a lesser extent that with it make look like his head was coming off. now she riding on
a live picture in new york city. weather outside is frightful again. one guy is prepared and having a good time. we're watching this shot and look at the size of the snowflakes. they're large and you can see snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground. it's been rough there the past week and a half. >> a verdict this afternoon in the trial of a man accused of killing two people at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza a contra costa jury found a suspect guilty. now they'll decide if he'll receive the death penalty. his exworked as a toll collector there. burress acted as his own attorney during the trial admitted he pulled the trigger and said had no regrets. >> chevron get rgd to reopen its richmond refinery. a fire damaged part of a crude unit. the units removed salt and other chemicals from the oil. cruise are fixing the equipment in that munit. chevron says the plant will be safer and more environmentally friendly. >> still ahead it's not a good day for apple. two problems the cupertino company is now dealing with. >> plus, at and t and the government. how much of a refund
like new york city. oh, my gosh. >> they've been sent this routine by spirit of america pro ducks will join 498 others, 500 of them doing this. many of them have been dancing here since they're in kindergarten. it's like family, they develop teamwork and self confidence. >> the way she teaches us in class is like helping us in life. in general. >> culminating this time on thanksgiving day in new york. >> everybody is doing this together it's going to look awesome with many people. >> stud students have been doing fund raising. it's about a great perform skbrens a lesson in history. >> great opportunity. >> we'll be looking for them. >> yes. >> a massachusetts boy learned if you really want something, go to the internet. >> the 7-year-old posted this photo said hey, facebook my sister and i want a cat. my papa promises we can get one if we can get a thousand likes please like this picture, thank you. >> hey, facebook? yeah. the dad, dan, thought the deal would be the best way to get kids to stop asking for a cat. dad was very, very wrong. >> remi got the cat. his photo received 110
for members of parliament. the graduate served as the israeli prime minister from 1999 until twun. >> new york city mayor is asking washington for $9.8 billion to help pay for damage from super storm sandy saying insurance will only pay for $9 billion of the $19 kbrinl sandy did to the city. the storm killed 40 residents, left 10,000 homeless. bloomberg says he expects feds to antiy up. >> i believe that we're going to win. i still think we're going to get that stadium on the west side.%fyqt i'm an optimist. >> new york governor kuomo is asking washington for $42 chris christie is seeking $30 william. total is still less than $146 billion washington provided after hurricane katrina. >> up next, nasa announces it's longest space flight and american astronauts that will take part in the mission. >> giants will get a record bonus every player is paid, including suspended slugger melky cabrerra. >> michael finney q and a just head. i'll answer your questions here a little later. >> enjoy sun while you can. we have dense fog followed by stormy weather. we'll take a look at storms coming up. >> taki
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8